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A cocktail recipe for success

Alcohol has its place in society, as long as we’re sensible about it, and the same can be said about the pressroom. So, while we won’t soon be seeing the day when the country’s Heidelbergs, Rolands, Komoris, and other great marques become teetotallers, we will see them cutting down a bit on the hard stuff and going for a ready-mixed cocktail.

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Conquering the world

BM Management have been around a lot longer than most people think, and are in more locations than you would imagine. This success has however not come through chance, but is the result of almost 40 years in the printing industry.

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WHO confirms Alcohol Misting will not kill COVID-19

According to the WHO, the misting or spraying done in disinfection booths cannot kill viruses especially when it has already entered the body. The WHO added it may also cause skin irritation and health problems for those who have existing respiratory diseases.

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Pressroom Tips to eliminate IPA

With the introduction of our alcohol free founts that contain viscosity builders and low surface tension wetters we feel some of the following comments may be pertinent to achieve improved results when demonstrating.

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Trend toward one-steps like 2 in 1 fountain solution

In an effort to keep up with faster turnaround and quicker make ready on press, as well as a general decrease in highly skilled press operators, fountain solution manufacturers are now promoting one-step formulations over the more popular two-step products.

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Kagiso BM Caxtons Reference 2012

"I would like to thank you and your team for your ongoing support for the last 17years that I have been at Kagiso BM. The 2 in one fount that you introduced to us more than 12 years ago has stood the test of time from our old presses to our newer ones."

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