A 3 Wash

Advanced technology for coldset, heatset and sheetfed presses


  • Suitable for all conventional and UV inks
  • Meets latest health and safety standards
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water miscibles



  • Safer to use (Less than 0.1% Benzene, less than1% toluene / xylene, less than 1% aromatics)
  • For rollers and blankets
  • Less maintenance down time on press
  • Non flamnable



  • Increased production
  • Less down time on press
  • Cost saving
  • Improves pressroom conditions
  • Supplied in 5,25 and 210 litres
  • Not suitable for EPDM rollers


  • Apply liberally to rollers and blankets to remove ink and lint on a rag or cloth. Can be left on the blankets or wiped dry. For sparkling results on rollers wash off with water. Can be used in Automatic Wash up systems.

A 3 wash