GPA Cleaner

Outperforms competitors products with superior cleaning and break down of oil and grease off floors and surfaces


  • Superior cleaning
  • Good degreasing and dispersing properties
  • Non toxic and bio degradable



  • Faster cleaning properties
  • Breaks down printing ink
  • Odorless
  • Bio degradable
  • Supplied in 5, 25 and 210 litres


  • GPA does not attack metals, rubber, plastic or concrete. May be used on all surfaces, except some low quality PVA paints. Good quality acrylics will not be affected at dilutions above 1:25 for use on industrial machines, to break down animal fat or grease. Can be used to clean floors, for delivery vehicles and For printing ink removal. Boiler soot and for used machine coolants wash outs.

GPA Cleaner