A guaranteed water supply of 8 – 12 German dH to your printing press


  • Ensures exact water hardness
  • To your printing press to international standards



  • No calcium deposit on Rollers
  • Assists with emulsification problems



  • A more stable print environment
  • No calcium deposits
  • A more stable print environment
  • Supplied in 25litres


  • For use with RO (Reverse Osmosis) or de-ionized water systems. Mix 0.5 % v/v (volume to volume) with the RO water prior to it entering the recirculation system – normally on a doser on the RO unit.
  • This product maintains the water in the recommended range of 8 – 12 German dH which is equivalent to 220 -240 ms. This complies with fogra fount limits of a sulphate below 20 ppm and chloride concentration below 20 ppm with a nitrate concentration below 50 ppm.